Peeta Planet at #CGI2014: Cities as Labs for Innovation

It’s been such an honour for us to represent the UAE at this year’s Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting. We were invited to moderate a panel discussing ‘Cities as Labs for Innovation’, speaking with Gesare Chife, Co-founder and Executive Director of Dr. Aloy & Gesare Chife Foundation; David Hertz, Founder and CEO of Gastromotiva & Uridéia Andrade, Alumni of Gastromotiva; and Matt Damon and Gary White, Co-founders of

The panel was a perfect backdrop for us – because Dubai embodies many of the ideals of how cities can transform societies to become hubs for innovation, entrepreneurship and inspire change.

Through Peeta Planet, we have been travelling the world experiencing some of the greatest cities out there. We applaud CGI for hosting this dialogue to encourage all of us to truly own our cities, empowering us to be agents of change one citizen at a time to improve the societies where we live and work.

How do you think we can unlock the innovative potential of cities? How can we help residents drive business and economic growth? How can we build networks of collaboration both in cities and around the world to scale up these innovative ideas and replicate some of these solutions in other cities?

We’d like to hear from all of you, and hear about your commitments to action on this topic!


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